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Here you will find our documents and certificates for our products.

Kitchen FaucetsProducts number(s)Acoustic measurementsPressure tests
Agrion APK/PK
Empis APK/PK
Miris APK/PK
10131, 10151, 10132
10121, 10150
Download PDFDownload PDF
Aphis APK/PK10100, 10101
Capnia APK/PK
Denops APK/PK
Cassida APK/PK
Download PDFDownload PDF
Dish Genie Agrion10145, 10146, 10147
Dish Genie Euroleon10148Download PDFDownload PDF
Gavia APK/PK10126, 10127, 10128
Rosa APK/PK10122, 10125, 10116Download PDFDownload PDF
Basin FaucetsProducts number(s)Acoustic measurementsPressure tests
Aphis Bide10300, 10301
Biston Bide
Euroleon Bide
Pirates Bide
10303, 10318
10312, 10338, 10339
Download PDFDownload PDF
Capnia Bide
Livia Bide
Download PDFDownload PDF
Euroleon Bide/PK10337Download PDFDownload PDF
Gavia Bide10322, 10323, 10324Download PDFDownload PDF
Mimas Bide10308, 10309Download PDFDownload PDF
Orius10311Download PDFDownload PDF
Rosa Bide10316, 10317Download PDFDownload PDF
Biston10302Download PDF
Rain Shower SetsProducts number(s)Acoustic measurementsPressure tests
Saga10501, 10525, 10530Download PDFDownload PDF
Pacifica10520, 10519, 10518Download PDFDownload PDF
Rosa10521, 10522, 10523Download PDFDownload PDF
Saga Supreme10550, 10551, 10555, 10559
Bath and Shower FaucetsTuotenumerotAcoustic measurementsPressure tests
Biston10504Download PDFDownload PDF
Biston with spout
10506, 10516, 10529
Rosa10509, 10510, 10524
Sesia10511Download PDFDownload PDF
Ulopa10157Download PDFDownload PDF
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Grana logoDownload PDF
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Grana catalogue 2017Download PDF
Grana RT product infoDownload PDF
Installation guide: kitchen and basin faucets Download PDF
Installation guide: rain shower setsDownload PDF