Practical Beauty

Design from Finland

We at Grana want each of us to have the opportunity to equip our homes with practical, beautiful and reasonable priced design faucets and showers.

We design all our products in Finland. We get inspiration from the Nordic stylish simplicity and world trends. Grana’s quality and functionality are quaranteed by top designers and our constantly evolving collection.

There is enough water for everyone in Finland, but things are different outside the borders of our country. Ecology and above all, reducing water consumption are an integral part of all our product design.

Grana products have been awarded the Design of Finland label by the Association for Finnish Work, we are proud to belong to this group.

The development of our faucet products began in Grana as early as 1998, when Finns interestedin decorating their homes becan to focus on kitchens and bathrooms. the kitchens opened up into the living areas and the bathrooms and saunas wanted to enjoy the spa atmosphere. The roles of faucets and showers as an interior design element was emphasized.

We have achieved an established position as one of Finland´s most popular faucet brands. Grana Oy operates in Pirkanmaa, the city of Akaa and our team consists of 9 professionals.

The best quality and service just for you

All Grana products and made of high quality materials. Rain shower mixers and piping are made from the same high quality and safe brass we use in kitchen and basin faucets.

The components are manufactured in well-known partner factories in Europe and Asia, and the products are assembled by our well-established subcontractor in China.

To ensure that our quality is not just a talk, the products are tested in Finland. The engineering firms Zenner and Eurofins ( formal VTT) are responsible for testing.

For approvals and measurements of our faucets, please visit the downloads-page

We are so proud of our products that we “sign” each packaged product with a customer service number. All faucets and showers have a 5-year warranty.

Grana responsibility

Responsible water use, as well as water purity and safety, have always been important. For our part, we want to ensure that Finland has the cleanest and safest water in the world in the future as well. .

Grana brand stands for design, quality, technology and durability. Sustainability therefore also means responsibility. Responsibility includes e.g. energy saving technologies, production processes, customer service and social and societal responsibility. Protecting the environment and conserving natural resources are an integral part of our business strategy. The principles and guidelines of sustainable development are applied both in our own unit and in our production plant.

Our products are made responsibly from the best and most durable materials. Our products enable the responsible and safe consumption of water and energy. The products are created resource-wisely and their entire long service life is safe from design to end use.

Social responsibility is an important part of our sustainable development strategy. We maintain an open and constructive dialogue with our end users and stakeholders and promote actions and measures that contribute to the protection of the environment, the conservation of natural resources and the improvement of occupational safety and health. .

Concrete about the features of our products

Ecoclick – the control section directs to more environmentally friendly consumption without being noticed. The soft gradual click of the tap reminds you to think subtly about your water needs, when you adjust the faucet larger when using the faucet. In addition, to save water, it is possible to control the water flow with limiting nozzle available as an accessory.

FastFix – our internationally patented FastFix quick mount allows the faucet to be installed faster from above the basin, eliminating the need for the installer to land in the cabinet. This makes job of a professional easier and faster.

Lead free – faucets pass heavy metal measurements in accordance with the type approval instructions for water fittings. Type approval means that the product meets the requirements of national law and instructions, product has been tested and its type assurance carried out by a type approval rules.

At the beginning of 2020, new regulations of the Ministry of the Environment on technical requirements and type approval for water fixtures entered into force. Faucets intended for abstractions of domestic water must not transfer substances harmful to health to the water and must not impair the quality of the water. What is new is e.g restriction of the dissolution of heavy metals, reduction of the permissible lead content and the requirement for corrosion resistance and conversion of brass body parts subjected to water pressure to zinc loss-resistant DZR brass. Obtaining type-approval is the manufacturer´s way of proving that a product meets the technical requirements laid down for it.