Frequently Asked Questions

Technical / Installation

We recommend all installation and maintenance work to be carried out by a professional. Flush all pipes thoroughly before installation. It´s not permitted to connect the faucet to a device with a valve function. The pressure which they generate can damage the faucet.

Grana’s internationally patented FastFix quick mount mechanism makes it possible to mount a Grana basin- or kitchen faucet in only 30 seconds. Compared to the traditional 30 minutes, FastFix saves both time and money. Mounting is done from the top of the sink so the assembler doesn’t need to go crawling under the sink, unlike with ordinary faucets!

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Use a soft cloth or a sponge and neutral liquid detergent to clean the exterior surfaces. Rinse with water. Wipe dry and polish with a soft cloth. Do not rub. Solvents, abrasives, phosphoric acid, chlorine compounds or salt water cannot be used. Always follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions. NOTE: Do not use detergent to clean the faucets.

If a faucet is installed in a room where the water inside the room can freeze, it is essential to ensure that the faucet is left open to drain water out. It is good to remove the cartridge from the faucet and store it in a warm place. Even a drop of water when frozen can expand and easily break the ceramic cartridge. The GRANA FastFix basin- or kitchen faucet can also easily be removed and stored in a warm room during the winter.

Can I install an accessory to my faucet, for example, in order to substitute an aerator? Do not connect to the faucet any kind of device with a valve, such as a bottle washer, etc. It may cause high-pressure waves, damaging the faucet’s cartridge or spout. In addition, there may also be adverse cross-flows inside the faucet. It should also be noted that our warranty terms apply only to Grana faucets and showers with original parts.

The EcoClick water saving mechanism is a simple solution for saving nature. EcoClick cartridge subtly reminds you to consider the water usage by softly clicking when turning up the water flow. When a strong water flow is needed, EcoClick does not limit you.

Braided polymer, flexible “FlexPex” faucet supply tubes are durable and make the installation effortless. The tubes are 15 cm longer than normal and are also color-coded: red for hot water inlet and blue for cold water. FlexPex tubes have a CE certificate.

We recommend all installation and maintenance work to be carried out by a professional.

Grana faucets meet the requirements of European standards both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The Grana faucets are tested for sound levels, water flows, durability and heavy metal content, lead and cadmium. All testing, including quality control, is fully responsible for a third party. All our tests are carried out by two Finnish laboratories accredited by Finas (, either by VTT ( or by the engineering office Zenner (

All GRANA-faucets will go through the demanding Nordic Approval Scheme. Testing will include structural stability and suitability for contact with drinking water. GRANA faucets comply not only with EU Regulations, but also with national Nordic Building Regulations. You may find the test documents in our downloads-section. The test documents are currently available in Finnish only but you can easily check the results from the charts.

The 40 mm cartridge is used in all other faucets, except with Gavia kitchen and basin faucets and with waterfall faucets, where a 35 mm cartridge is being used.

Cannot be done. The use of cold water has almost exclusively been used by washing machine manufacturers. The reason for this change is mainly the washing machine manufacturer’s instructions or guarantees, energy savings (eco wash at 50 ° water) and washing results.

Normally the turning radius of the spout in the kitchen faucets is 150°. The turning radius can be reduced by replacing the limiting ring of the spout with a 90° or 45° limiting ring.

Problems with a Grana product?

If you have questions or problems with the Grana product, do not remove the faucet, contact our customer service or retailer as soon as possible.

When bidet hand shower is closed after use, little water can remain inside. If water is not drained out of the bidet hand shower, water can flow out of the hand shower when putting it back to the wall bracket. After use, shake the bidet hand shower a few times vigorously, so that the water will be drained out of the hand shower, after which the hand shower can be put in place. Another possibility is that the bidet hand shower is mounted too low and not according to instructions. The bidet hand shower should always be mounted at least at the same height as the faucet.

If the kitchen faucet leaks from under or over the spout, the spout’s O-rings are either worn or have impurities. The O-rings must be replaced. When replacing the O-rings, clean also the O-ring grooves.
Coat the O-rings with O-ring lubricant. Spare parts are available from well-equipped plumbing vendors.

If there is a leak under the handle of the faucet, then most likely the impurities in the water have flown into the cartridge. Usually this problem starts when the piping has not been properly flushed prior to installation. In this case the cartridge must be replaced. See the replacement part of the manual.

The most likely reason is that there are water impurities in the thermostatic cartridge. Refer to the instructions for cleaning the cartridge.

There is air in the water pipes, for example, because water is allowed to boil in the water heater, or the faucet cartridge has been blocked by water impurities.

About Grana

The warranty covers raw material and manufacturing faults 5 years from the date of purchase. Faults caused by normal wearing of the product, wrong installation, misuse, negligent maintenance or problems caused by water impurity are not covered by the warranty. Should you have any complaints regarding our product, please contact our customer service or the place of purchase as soon as possible.

Grana is a Finnish company. All design, quality control, logistics, headquarters and corporate management are in Finland. Grana products are manufactured in Grana´s own factory in China, which follows the Finnish practice of product quality control and testing, employee welfare, pay and health care, factory cleanliness and occupational safety. The external quality control of the factory is carried out by Finnish VTT ( The SMETA audit of ethical trading is underway at our factory.

Yes, spare parts are available from a well-equipped plumbing vendor. Our customer service is also happy to help you!