Dish Genie EUROLEON dishwasher valve

DISH GENIE – the side sprayer you can actually use for washing dishes!

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  • ART: 10148
  • EAN: 6430025620480
  • LVI-code: 6227022

Set Includes:

  • Fastfix EUROLEON Kitchen Faucet with DISH GENIE side sprayer and integrated dishwasher valve
  • FastFix® quick mount socket
  • 1 pcs DISH GENIE side sprayer
  • 3 pcs interchangeable DISH GENIE sponge attachments (Wine Glass Sponge, Bottle Sponge and Round Sponge)
  • 2 pcs extra round sponges
  • 1 pcs Side Sprayer Hose Guide
  • 1 pcs Side Sprayer hose
  • high quality, pictorial installation and maintenance guide:

Smart Features:

  • DISH GENIE kitchen faucets add new kind of functionality to your kitchen: Side Sprayer with interchangeable multi-purpose, practical sponge attachments. DISH GENIE has a suitable sponge attachment for each job: for baking trays which are too big for the dishwasher, for wine glasses or crystals which are too delicate and for different bottles which don’t wash well in the dishwasher. Sponges are easy to use and prevent water from spattering!
  • Grana’s internationally patented FastFix® quick mount mechanism makes it possible to mount a faucet in only 30 seconds, compared to the traditional 30 minutes. Mounting is done from the top of the sink so the assembler doesn’t need to go crawling under the sink, unlike with ordinary faucets. FastFix® saves both time and money!
  • Made from high-quality, low-lead brass. Safer Drinking Water from Every Grana Faucet!
  • With EcoClick water saving cartridge which subtly reminds you to consider your water usage.
  • With an integrated dishwasher valve for improved safety against water damage.
  • The ⌀10 mm connecting hoses are permanently attached to the faucet. Flexible and safe braided FlexPEX hoses are 55cm long and color coded. Improved protection against water damage and easier to install!
  • Low noise Class I faucet which operates at less than 20 dB (at 3 bar).

FastFix Mounting:

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Introduction video:

Nordic Approvals:

All GRANA-faucets will go through the demanding Nordic Approval Scheme. Testing will include structural stability and suitability for contact with drinking water. GRANA faucets comply not only with EU Regulations, but also with national Nordic Building Regulations. The Finnish STF certificates can be found here (currently available only in Finnish.

Additional testing reports for sound levels, water flow, durability and for the content of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium can be found here. The test documents are currently available in Finnish only but you can easily check the results from the charts.

5-year warranty:

The EUROLEON DG Kitchen Faucet has a five-year (5) warranty. The warranty covers raw material and manufacturing faults 5 years from the date of purchase.

Faults caused by normal wearing of the product, wrong installation, misuse, negligent maintenance or problems caused by water impurity are not covered by the warranty.

In warranty matters, do not uninstall your faucet, but contact instead our Customer Service or Product Dealer as soon as possible.

Surface Finish: