FastFix & Dish Genie

FastFix saves time and money

Grana’s internationally patented FastFix® quick mount mechanism makes it possible to install a faucet in only 30 seconds. Compared to the traditional 30 minutes, FastFix saves both time and money. Mounting is done from the top of the sink so the assembler doesn’t need to go crawling under the sink, unlike with ordinary faucets.  Grana was inspired to make assembly work easier and faster for the professionals, and the bill is for the customer. FastFix® is an internationally patented solution.

A kitchen faucet with the DISH GENIE side sprayer with interchangeable sponge attachments is a real “lifesaver”!

Dish Genie’s power lies in its interchangeable sponge attachments. They help you clean dishes that are unsuitable for dishwasher or otherwise cumbersome to wash. E.g. wine glasses, pots, pans, oven trays, different bottles including baby bottles and sports bottles are unsuitable for machine wash due to their materials or large size. You don’t want to risk high-quality wine glasses or crystals with machine washing. Dish Genie makes cleaning effortless and fast. The water spray is straight which is convenient for rinsing the sink or filling up a big kettle.

An option for pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets.

A pull-out or pull-down faucet is a common choice when you want more features for your kitchen faucet. They are handy for flushing dishes and washbasin, but they are not designed for actual washing of dishes. A breakfast plate or other lightly used dish is somewhat useless to put it in a dishwasher. With Dish Genie you quickly clean those dishes. Dish Genie was originally introduced as Dish Wizard. Subsequently, the handle design and the attachment mechanism of the washer were further redesigned.

Dish Genie product family

Dish Genie is an innovative product family that combines a modern kitchen faucet with an integrated wash machine valve and a side sprayer with interchangeable sponge attachments. In Scandinavia kitchen faucets with a side sprayer are fairly unknown, whereas very common in the USA. Practical washers, however, separate Dish Genie from traditional side sprayers.