What is Grana?

There is a solid view behind the brilliant name ("Kraana"/"Raana" in colloquial Finnish and "Kran" in colloquial Swedish means "Faucet"). In the past ten years, there has been a lot of water flowing from these faucets. This is the story of how Grana was born.

"Everyone likes nice things regardless of income level"

The development of faucets started in Grana in 1998. At the turn of the century, Finns’ interest in home furnishing was also targeted at kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchens opened into lounges and cooking changed from being a mere work to more socializing. In bathrooms and sauna areas they wanted to enjoy a spa-like feeling. Faucets and showers gained an increasingly important role as interior elements of the home. Finland’s supply of faucets was at a time very narrow and expensive. So it was decided to correct the situation together with Ari Kiviharju, Topi Teisko and Hannu Reiman. Grana Finland Oy was founded in 2006. The goal of this trio was to provide quality, beautiful and functional faucets and showers for people. Most importantly, Grana offers design at an affordable price. The idea of Hannu, Ari and Topi was that “Everyone likes beautiful things regardless of income level”. Pasi Punkari is Grana’s newest shareholder. He focuses on large key customers and the development of Nordic sales. Ari remained a full-time “fisherman and fungus man” in 2012. Hannu left off at the beginning of 2018 and now builds his own company as Grana’s distributor for the American market. Topi will continue as Managing Director.

Immediately after the founding of Grana, Grana attracted great interest in Finland and abroad. Grana is now one of Finland’s most popular brands. Grana is still present in the idyllic city of Akaa. Own subsidiary has been established 2016 in Estonia. The design is done domestically and the components are manufactured at well-known factories of well-known partners. Grana has also established its own factory in China, which employs about 26 people. Grana has national approvals in Finland (STF) and in Denmark (VA).


Grana’s quality and appeal are guaranteed by top designers and a constantly evolving range of products.

Ristomatti Ratia

Ristomatti is a design icon recognized by every Finn. During his career, he has designed classics such as the Marimekko 301 shoulder bag. Ristomatti designed his first set of GAVIA series, together with Davide Lamparelli.


Davide Lamparelli

Davide, who designed the GAVIA collection together with Ristomatti Ratia, was inspired by Finnish nature. Davide studied in Genoa, Italy and in Lapland.



Established in 1963, Tucai is a leading manufacturer of flexible water pipes. Grana uses Tucai steel braided Softpex pipes.



Originally a Swiss family company, founded in 1951, manufactures Grana´s aerators. Today, the company operates globally and owns i.a. Perlator and Neoflex brands.