Our quality

All Grana products are made of high-quality materials together with the world's largest suppliers. All faucets and showers have a 5-year warranty.

The best quality and service for you.

We are so proud of our products that we “sign” each packaged product with the customer service number. We literally are liable for our products!

In order for our quality not to be merely a spoken word, we test our products in Finland. Testing is carried out by the Engineer Office W. Zenner and VTT. You will find the test results here.

The faucets and shower columns of Grana Rain Showers are made of the same high quality and safe brass that we use with our kitchen and basin faucets. Therefore, the heavy metal content (lead, cadmium and nickel) in the water from a Grana shower is low and the water is completely safe to drink.

Quiet faucets

Almost all of our faucets belong to the acoustic group 1. The new results of sound measurements and pressure tests are published on the Material Bank page.