Rain Shower Set GAVIA with thermostatic bath and shower faucet (Design by Ristomatti Ratia and Davide Lamparelli):

 Set Includes:

Smart Features:

  • GAVIA `s ultra-thin, hourglass-shaped wide (325×180/155mm) rain shower head is designed to soak the whole shoulder line at once.
  • The ultra-thin rain shower head prevents limestone problems and the shower head won’t drip water after use.
  • The ecological rain head showers use only 9-10 litres per minute and also work with a low water pressure. The rain head shower wets immediately due to the 1.5 mm water column.
  • Telescopic height adjustment (53 cm) allows installation to spaces of different heights, even those with recessed ceilings. Even the spaces with lowered ceilings can be equipped with a little bit of luxury now!
  • Moveable wall bracket enables mounting even on existing screw holes. Replace an old shower and keep your ceramic tiles clean of extra holes.
  • Handheld shower turns 360 degrees: the hose doesn’t get twisted.

Rain Shower Installation:

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Nordic Approvals:

All GRANA-faucets will go through the demanding Nordic Approval Scheme. Testing will include structural stability and suitability for contact with drinking water. GRANA faucets comply not only with EU Regulations, but also with national Nordic Building Regulations. The Finnish STF certificates can be found here (currently available only in Finnish. (Kitchen Faucets PDF 192 KB). (Basin Faucets PDF 192 KB).

Additional testing reports for sound levels, water flow, durability and for the content of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium can be found hereThe test documents are currently available in Finnish only but you can easily check the results from the charts.


The GAVIA Rain Shower Set has a five-year (5) warranty.

Faults caused by normal wearing of the product, wrong installation, misuse, negligent maintenance or problems caused by water impurity are not covered by the warranty.

In warranty matters, do not uninstall your faucet, but contact instead our Customer Service or Product Dealer as soon as possible.

Surface Finish (3):

Chrome, Brushed Steel (Stainless steel) and Brushed Black Chrome.

The GAVIA series:

Kitchen Faucets: (links below to the product pictures)

Basin Faucets: (links below to the product pictures)

Rain Shower Sets with thermostatic bath and shower faucet: (links below to the product pictures)

Grana catalogue 2017:

From this link (PDF 7.80 MB).


Lead Free:

GRANA Faucets pass the official requirements for heavy metal dissolution in drinking water according to tough Finnish standards. Approved mean dissolution for cadmium is < 2 μg and < 20 μg for the lead. (with bath mixers and showers lead < 200 μg).

5 year warranty:

GRANA faucets, showers and mixers are covered by a 5-year warranty. Always contact our customer service with warranty matters or questions.

Telescopic height adjustment:

Telescopic height adjustment allows installation to spaces of different heights.

Noise class: (ISO 3822)
The shower is made of quality brass.
Can also be installed surface mounted. So it is also well suited for refurbished bathrooms.
Height adjustment
Yes, thanks to telescopic adjustment, it is suitable for both high and lower washrooms.
Max height
120 cm
Min height
70 cm
Dimensions of the rain shower head
Hourglass-shaped. Width (325x180/155mm).
Dimensions of the shower faucet
Width: 31 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Height: 12.5 cm
Color options
Chrome, Black chrome and Brushed nickel.
Set Includes
Rain Shower Set GAVIA with thermostatic bath and shower faucet (Design by Ristomatti Ratia and Davide Lamparelli).   
Ultra-thin, hourglass-shaped wide (325x180/155mm) rain shower head (stainless steel).
Telescopic shower column (high-quality, lead-free brass). 
Hand shower (durable ABS polymer).
Shower hose.
High quality, pictorial installation and maintenance guide.
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